Zippable Silicone Straws : Uncommon Goods


Uncommon Goods responds to the call to end the single-use plastic straw industry. The brand introduces consumers to a non-metal, non-plastic straw alternative. Silicone straws are now available through the company’s online store. The sustainable alternative mitigates ocean pollution by decreasing the number of plastic single-use straws in circulation.

In addition to its sustainable nature, the silicone straws unzip to reveal the inside. This allows users to easily clean their straws without worrying about missing a hidden spot. The straw unzips quickly when slight pressure is applied down its side. It closes off with a swift pinch to regain its straw shape. Available in six bright colors, the straws are made with BPA-free, platinum-grade silicone.

Image Credit: Uncommon Goods – Modern Art and Design Trends

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