Why You Look FAT In Photos – And 6 Ways To Fix It

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I hope you find these tips helpful in order to look your best in photographs and in life.

In a world that’s always trying to crush us and make us feel bad about our body shapes and sizes in order to purchase the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ products, we hear a lot of criticism, but honestly, it’s not true.

Having rocking curves is BOSS!

Sometimes curves can be harder to pose though and you may think to yourself – “why do I always look fat in photos?!’

Honestly…it’s soul crushing. You feel sexy, amazing, beautiful when you get out the door and someone takes a photo of you throughout the night and the photograph looks NOTHING like you expected it to look. You think you look fat. Heartbreak.

Your fun night out is ruined!

But fret no more, I’m here to help you my girl with all the tips and tricks you need to know to feel sexy in photographs, whether it’s for your perfect instagram snap, new work picture or online dating profile, these tips will help you feel like a queen on the outside, so that you can slay your life 100%

The tips are:
1. Don’t follow the fashion trends
2. Patterns and colours
3. Body Position in Relation to the Camera
4. Double Chin Dilemma
5. Squishy Problem.
6. Learn to Pose

Curvy Ladies I mentioned in the video:
– Tess Halliday
– Beyonce
– Jennifer Lopez
– Rebel Wilson
– Amy Schumer
– Iskra Lawrence
– pinupdollashleymarie

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