Why you HATE being photographed and how to fall in love with it

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The common reasons why people hate being photographed are:
1. The person taking the photograph doesn’t care or isn’t skilled (hopefully right?)
2. Your fear of judgement
3. Your inability to commit to the pose
4. Not knowing how to look your best
5. Not loving your flaws but not being ok with photoshop
6. Being too critical of yourself and not loving most of your photos
7. ‘I’m not confident to laugh at myself when I spot one of my insecurities in the photo.’
8. Lack of direction from the photographer

and more.

I hope you find these tips helpful in order to look your best in photographs and in life.

Never compare yourself to models and celebrities. They have teams of people behind them to assist in making them look their absolute best. You very rarely see any selfies of celebrities in a bad light, without make up etc. Yes…there is a small percentage of extremely beautiful people in the world. That’s their gift and that’s great. We have our own gifts.

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