Ultra-Fast 4K Movie Servers : Kaleidescape


Kaleidescape, a Californian-based company, specializing in home cinema technology and experiences, has announced the launch of the ‘Terra 12,’ a 12 terabyte movie server capable of downloading feature-length 4K films in as a little as 10 minutes on just one gigabyte of internet connection.

The product was designed as an alternative to Kaleidescape’s larger 48 and 72 terabyte servers, providing users with similar download speeds and performance without committing to the more expensive models. In addition, this “entry-level” server is entirely scalable, meaning users can incrementally increase its storage as their film library grows.

Just like Kaleidescape’s larger, pricier units, the ‘Terra 12’ acts as the foundation of a multi-room ‘Kaleidescape Strato’ system. Therefore, it can support all ‘Strato C’ and deliver five different 4K Ultra HD playbacks at one time.

Image Credit: Kaleidescape

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