Two-in-One Electricity Charging Systems : ev management


A unique partnership among four companies – Sunverge, Wallbox, Nissan, and Simply Energy – hopes to design and deliver an electric vehicle (EV) management system that offers vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-gird services.

The initiative will combine Sunverge’s intelligent energy management platform, Wallbox’s in-home EV charging stations, and Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle to create the most comprehensive and advanced EV charging system. Sunverge’s CEO Martin Milani explains that the electrification of homes and cars is vital to decarbonizing the world’s energy infrastructure and believes this unique four-way partnership will help do just that.

This innovative design will provide a convenient at-home charging station for electric car drivers while simultaneously producing additional energy to power grids. This two-in-one system could revolutionize the sustainable electricity market.

Image Credit: Jetcharge – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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