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Japanese watchmaker Seiko has added new watches to its Seiko Prospex collection dubbed the ‘Tortoise’ models. Seiko Prospex is the brand’s line of activewear watches, a steadily growing collection inspired by the company’s first diver’s watch, which was released in Japan in 1965.

While the Seiko Prospex collection is well known for its diver’s watches, such as the iconic ‘Turtle’ model, the collection also boasts a variety of ‘Air’ and ‘Land’ themed timepieces. The new ‘Tortoise’ model belongs to the latter category and is a reworked version of the brand’s popular ‘Turtle’ watch.

The new models boast the same shell-like profile as the ‘Turtle’ but add new design elements. Hands and markers are made with Seiko’s signature ‘Lumbrite’ material, and three of the four models are made from stainless steel.

Image Credit: Seiko

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