Transparent Captioning Displays : See-Through Captions


The ‘See-Through Captions’ display has been designed by the Digital Nature Group as a solution for expanding accessibility for those in the deaf or hard-of-hearing community. The system maintains a transparent design in order to help users maintain conversations without losing sight of facial expressions or other natural aspects of in-person communication. The display has been thoroughly tested by the developers in a number of real-like situations to ensure it is as effective as possible for users with any degree of hearing loss.

The ‘See-Through Captions’ display harnesses the power of the Digital Nature Group’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to allow for seamless real-time captioning. The system has been awarded Japan’s highest award by James Dyson for its ability to greatly elevate communication within the deaf or hard-of-hearing community.

Image Credit: Digital Nature Group – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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