Topsy-Turvy Timber Buildings : timber building


Swedish firm White Arkitekter is looking to metaphorically turn the architecture world upside down with the advent of a new timber building that appears to look like it’s situated upside down, due to the use of a unique form factor that includes the width of the building decreasing lower to the ground.

Situated in the city of Gothenburg, this particular timber building makes ample use of prefabricated wood panels. Its oddly broad upper section doesn’t merely serve as an eyecatching design choice, but actually has a functional reason, with the cantilevering on the upper floors providing protection from sunlight and therefore helping to reduce reliance on air conditioning.

Designed for use as a mixed-use office building, this structure exemplifies the utility of innovative design to advance the boundaries of architectural aesthetics whilst also providing functional value.

Image Credit: Lindman Photography AB/White Arkitekter – Modern Art and Design Trends

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