Top 70 Luxury Trends in October


Exclusivity and excess appear to be key concepts driving the October 2021 luxury trends, which saw a wide range of brands offering premium products and services in an effort to appeal to a niche group of wealthy, quality-conscious consumers. Branded digital-only clothing, high-end avant-garde apparel, ultra-rare convertibles, and caviar-based face creams were some of the luxe offerings that were launched this month.

In particular, several of the most exciting luxury innovations found in this collection came from the spirit industry. Sunday’s Finest looked to redefine the ready-to-drink category by launching the ‘Gold Fashioned,’ a premium pre-made ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail served in a 750-milliliter glass bottle. Elsewhere, Australian whiskey maker Lark Distillery opened the doors to ‘The Still,’ an exclusive and highly immersive whiskey bar that offers patrons access to over 150 high-end whiskeys. – Luxury Trends

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