Top 65 Luxury Trends in September


There was certainly no shortage of excess and decadence within the September 2021 luxury trends, all looking to elevate consumer experiences to new heights across multiple industries. Bespoke luxury supercars, rapper-backed cigar brands, gourmet chocolate, and a range of ultra-luxe travel accessories were all released this month.

Included in this collection were several newly launched limited-edition supercars. Lamborghini unveiled two new ‘Aventador S Roadster’ models inspired by Korean culture, while Aston Martin released a roofless ‘Valkyrie Spider’ capable of reaching 217 miles per hour. Meanwhile, Ford Bronco restoration company Gateway Ford released a high-performance, electric version of the iconic SUV dubbed the ‘Luxe-GT Electric Classic Ford Bronco.’

High-end travel accessories were also some of the most notable luxury offerings this month as several brands looked to celebrate the return of global travel. TUMI and Missoni teamed up to release a collection of luxe women’s travel bags, and Roll’s Royce dropped its lavish ‘Black Badge Escapism Luggage’ collection. – Luxury Trends

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