Top 50 Luxury Trends in July


The July 2021 luxury innovations are clustered around the concepts of brand recognition and contemporary design. These two concepts work together to showcase rich displays of luxury through the employment of elevated forms. Striking color schemes, timeless designs, and premium materials all contribute to these forms.

The Galeon 500 FLY, a comfort-focused luxury yacht, highlights these concepts. The yacht has a sleek white exterior that houses a refined interior. For ultimate relaxation, the ship comes equipped with an expanding foldout deck that is deployed in Beach Mode.

Taking timeless design in a different direction, the Balenciaga Crocs 2.0 embody luxury fashion. The high heels join high-end concepts and functional fashion in a comfortable, monochromatic format. The sandals-high heels crossover spotlight the Balenciaga brand’s brave, nouveau take on fashion. – Luxury Trends

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