Top 30 Luxury Fashion Trends in July


These July 2021 luxury fashion designs are pushing the boundaries of apparel. A focus on creativity and the digitalization of fashion is notable among these product innovations. From edible designer handbags to digital ready-to-wear fashion, luxury designers incorporate various experimental elements into their work.

For example, the famous fashion brand, Hermès, for example, took to Instagram to share its new series of edible Birkin Bags. Made from real vegetables, the reinterpreted luxury bags were intricately crafted by the artist Ben Denzer. The artist used asparagus, cabbage, and cucumbers to establish this unexpected series.

Another unexpected design comes from Auroboros’ Biomimicry collection. The digital ready-to-wear apparel fuses elements of nature and technology to create sci-fi looks for the metaverse. In addition, it offers a look at sustainable innovation beyond the constraints of physical manufacturing. – Luxury Trends

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