Top 100 Art & Design Trends in October


Eco-conscious concepts, bold architecture, and post-pandemic innovations dominated the October 2021 art and design trends. AI-enabled tiny homes, electric SUVs, shapeshifting motorcycles, and luxury homeware collections were all released this month.

A standout theme within this collection comes from the recurrence of eco-friendly architectural designs. GAS Architectures’ opened its bamboo-based eco-tourism cabins, dubbed the ‘Cocoon Villas,’ in Mexico’s San Luis Potosi region. Elsewhere, the ‘Nestron Cube Two XD’ tiny home was launched — an AI-enabled, minimally designed living space.

In addition, innovative vehicle designs were front and center within this collection. Nintendo unveiled the design concept for its ‘Switch Bike,’ a future-forward transportation innovation that allows ‘Switch’ users to play while they ride. Meanwhile, an AI-powered, shapeshifting motorcycle concept called the ‘e_töff’ was showcased by designer Thomas Heyder. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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