Timepiece-Matching Smartphones : Caviar Pair of Kings


The Caviar ‘Pair of Kings’ collection is a luxurious new offering from the Russia-based customization brand that will provide users with access to a smartphone that perfectly matches their high-end timepiece.

The collection includes five Apple iPhone 13 Pro smartphones that have each been customized to suit the aesthetic of a different style of Rolex watch. This includes the Rolex models gold Sky-Dweller with black dial, Datejust 31 with olive green dial, meteorite Cosmograph Daytona, “nautical” Yacht-Master II and the Cellini Date in rose gold.

The inspiration behind the new Caviar ‘Pair of Kings’ collection was explained further by Founder Sergey Kitov who said, “Rolex is my favorite watch. And Caviar is my favorite creation. So I wanted to combine the best of these brands in one luxury device. That is why I called the collection “Pair of Kings”. Because Rolex is the King of watches and Caviar is the King of custom smartphones and accessories.”

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