The Post-Pandemic Future of Retail : pandemic retail


It used to be that retailers were built to last, but now we know that they are built to change; as we look to the future of post-pandemic retail this has never been more true. As the retail industry emerges from phases of crisis and chaos into the recharting phase, we will see a deeper more meaningful connection to the consumer.
Retailers will focus on what experience means – online and offline. Consumer-centricity will reach an all-time high. Technology will persevere, but will you stand up next to your competitors, or stumble through the modern roaring 20’s? Consider how you’ve spent the last 18 months, have you prepared for the next wave of shopper demand? Retailers are ready for a reinvention, and it’s closer than you think.

In my Future Festival Retail keynote, I will be exploring the dramatic shifts in the Retail sector including these 5 insights:
1. Shoppable Experience, Brands create in-person or virtual experiences that consumers can shop in
2. Virtual Lab, Virtual innovation labs let consumers test and design products remotely
3. Curated E-Commerce, Retailers are offering consumers suggestions by using both humans and tech
4. Retail Escape, Opportunities for creative presentation are abundant in virtual environments
5. In-Store Refill, In-store refill stations are designed for personal care brands with safety & sanitation top of mind

If you’re ready to learn more about the future of retail, join us at Future Festival! To get the full experience, upgrade your ticket to PRO and experience every keynote we have to offer on Day 2. Or, if you’re looking to stay inspired all year round connect with us about getting your own custom retail research reports, retail trend webinars, and live retail presentations, including our retail innovation accelerator package.

I will leave you with one final thought about retail innovation in 2022, as retail continues to reinvent itself, will you move forward or fall behind? – Social Media Trends

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