The Post-Pandemic Future of Entertainment : post-pandemic future of entertainment


The entertainment and leisure space has never been more diverse, personalized, or fragmented than it is today. The pandemic saw consumers change the way they spend their free time, and many of these changes will last beyond the pandemic as well.

In my Future Festival Entertainment keynote, I will be diving into the paradigms of change in Entertainment, including these 5 key insights:
1. Specialty DIY – Consumers seek out increasingly niche hobbies and kits to enable them
2. Scientific Stay – Hospitality businesses are partnering with science experts to boost experience
3. DIY Entertainment – Brands are launching platforms that allow consumers to build movies and games
4. Sleep Hotel – The hospitality industry is addressing sleep concerns with specialized getaways
5. Nature Novice – Adventure tourism brands offer slower-paced novice trips for a new wave of travelers

For more information on the future of entertainment and leisure, be sure to attend Future Festival Virtual 2021. If you’re interested in learning more about our custom entertainment research, entertainment keynotes and more, be sure to get in touch. – Social Media Trends

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