Sustainable E-Cargo Delivery Startups : AxelHire


AxleHire, a logistics company specializing in last-mile delivery, has announced that it will be expanding two new zero-emission pilot programs with URB-E and Tortoise.

In New York, the company will utilize URB-E’s sustainable electric scooters and portable micro containers to make goods more eco-friendly and economical. As a result, URB-E vehicles will be able to deliver goods throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and will be able to haul over 800 lbs while still being allowed to travel in bike lanes. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, AxleHire will leverage Tortoise’s proprietary remoted-piloted carts, which have been shown to lower deliver emissions by 95 percent.

“Partnering with AxleHire has allowed our two companies to do what no other cleantech delivery companies have been able to do successfully in the United States, making e-cargo delivery easily adaptable and scalable,” said Charles Jolley, CEO of URB-E.

Image Credit: AxelHire – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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