Squeezable Plant-Based Cheeses : Primula Perfectly Plant


The Primula Perfectly Plant plant-based cheese product is being launched by the Kavli Group-owned brand as a vegan cheese option for consumers seeking out a way to enhance their favorite foods in a dairy-free manner. The product is contained inside a convenient squeeze tube packaging and is thus easy for consumers to portion out onto their favorite foods or dishes. The product is set to be launched in early 2022 at a price point of £1.60.

NPD Manager Nicole Herbert spoke further on the new Primula Perfectly Plant plant-based cheese product saying, “Since 2020, 500,000 Brits have given up meat, and with younger generations significantly more likely to follow a meat-free diet, a plant-based product was the obvious next choice for us. Primula Perfectly Plant has been in development for two years to create the perfect recipe and we worked closely with vegan consumers to develop the flavour.”

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