Space-Themed Kitchen Appliances : The Fooding


The Fooding is a space-themed and convenient kitchen appliance designed by Yifeeling. It combines the magic of microwaves and air fryers into one compact device, thereby saving valuable countertop real estate. While the air fryer has gained popularity over the years, the microwave remains an essential household item.

The Fooding brings both appliances together in a sleek design. Its shape is inspired by the bulbous outline of an astronaut’s helmet, alluding to its futuristic appeal. The machine works similar to conventional microwaves with an internal, rotating heat plate and a heat-strengthened glass covering. An intuitive control panel is included on the left side to thaw, roast, air fry, heat, and slow cook the user’s desired meal.

Image Credit: Yifeeling Design – Modern Art and Design Trends

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