Solar-Powered Home Generators : generator 1


As North Americans endure an unprecedented amount of power outages, Bluetti has launched its newest portable generator that is marketed to get families through temporary power loss.

The new Bluetti AC200 MAX is the upgraded and advanced version of the brand’s AC200P model. This sustainable generator is powered by solar energy and has a 2,200W output power that ensures a home is well powered following an outage. It comes completed with a 100W PD 3.0 USB-C port, an MPPT controller, and a NEMA TT-30 outlet designed for RVs.

The brand listened to its growing consumer demands and added a Bluetooth connection to the device. As a result, the AC200 Max is guaranteed to run all home essentials for over a week, and with enough solar panels, the generator can sustainably run an entire house completely off-grid.

Image Credit: Bluetti – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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