Sleek Minimally Designed Sneakers : club c legacy 1


Reebok continues to work in collaboration with BEAMS and Paperboy Paris, and this time, the trio takes on the Club C Legacy sneaker model as the base foundation. The shoes are minimally designed with a spotlight on the doodle logo that can be seen on the tongue, where it replaces the usual Reebok logo.

On the backside of the heel, the Reebok logo can be seen written on the pencil-thin typeface true to Paperboy. The entire shoe is detailed in a clean white palette throughout the silhouette. The contrasting details are marked at the aforementioned branding details at the back and the same font in black on the lateral side of the shoe that reads out “Paperboy.”

Image Credit: BEAMS, Paperboy Paris, Reebok – Style and Fashion Trends

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