Reflective Camouflaged Houses : The Lazy House


Located in Zlín, Czech Republic, the Lazy House is built on the principle of spatial connection. The idea of the house extends much beyond its physical form as it is built from the inside out. Designed by Petrjanda/Brainwork architectural studio, the Lazy House uses a mirroring and moiré facade to camouflage it into its surroundings.

Defined by its inner nature and the permeability of its physical body, the mirrored walls are clad in membranes that allow the maximum view from the inside out but reduces visibility from the outside in to guarantee and maintain a sense of privacy. The house’s compact square floor plan features a prism-shaped upper floor. In addition, the Lazy House boasts a green roof.

Image Credit: BoysPlayNice – Modern Art and Design Trends

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