Personalized Pizza Challenges : ForYouPizza challenge


Pizza Hut’s #ForYouPizza Challenge on TikTok encourages users to share their personalized $10 Tastemaker pizza creations for a chance to have their recipe available online for a limited time, or win $10,400 worth of free pizza prizes.

Inspired by the tailored For You page on TikTok, this pizza challenge inspires plenty of self-expression when choosing from hand-tossed or thin crust, plus sauce and a choice of three toppings.

To introduce this first-of-a-kind challenge, Pizza Hut is partnering with TikTok user Oneya D’Amelio, also known as @angryreactions. Oneya’s own $10 Tastemaker pizza takes the form of a large, hand-tossed, marinara pizza, topped with ham, Italian sausage and banana peppers, plus a side of medium Buffalo sauce for drizzling. “I’ve been a huge fan of Pizza Hut since I was a kid, and my favorite pizza combination hasn’t changed since then,” says D’Amelio. – Social Media Trends

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