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Via EL3, Ecco Leather is on a mission to redefine leather as a material with breathable, responsive and performance properties. The Motion 2.0 collection features lightweight leather materials with innovative technical features that makes them suitable for all sorts of sportswear and ready-to-wear applications.

Ecco Group chief executive Panos Mytaros says: “Motion 2.0 combines techniques unique to Ecco Leather such as FSDX – the fusing of leather with selected materials – and laundering. This new material is breathable, thermo-regulating, delicate yet strong.”

The lightweight yet strong leather is capable of withstanding wear and tear, and it remains soft and able to drape in a relaxed-looking way. Unlike leather that is thought of as rigid and uncomfortable, the leather in this collection offers unparalleled comfort and temperature control properties. – Style and Fashion Trends

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