Opulent Hotel-Like Superyachts : Bilgin Yachts


The Bilgin Yachts ‘Tatiana’ superyacht has been unveiled by the Turkey-based company as an opulent vessel that will provide passengers with a luxurious experience that has been previously reserved for five-star hotels and spas.

The yacht makes use of high-quality materials like mahogany, marble and epoxy to create an extravagant range of spaces for passengers to explore at their leisure. The yacht is outfitted with eight separate cabins along with an owner’s deck and a private owner’s suite to accommodate a total of 16 passengers.

The Bilgin Yachts ‘Tatiana’ superyacht is equipped with a 30-foot swimming pool and is crafted under the IMO Tier III standards, which includes a special exhaust system that will offer 100% clean air emissions. The vessel can achieve a top speed of 19 knots.

Image Credit: Bilgin

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