NFC-Enabled Cognac Decanters : Cognac Decanters


Rémy Cointreau created a limited-edition red glass cognac decanter that holds its luxury Louis XIII and gives owners the ability to register their purchase and access the exclusive Louis XIII Society. Thanks to an NFC-enabled cork stopper, cognac owners are able to verify their ownership of the limited-edition piece and access membership benefits to the private club.

Just 200 of the handmade N°XIII decanters are set to be released worldwide as part of tasting rituals at exclusive nightclubs. Customers can apply to be part of these experiences but as the brand expresses, “The experience is so exclusive that there is a greater chance of being accepted on a space mission.”

The entire experience is elevated with six bespoke crystal glasses in a coordinating crimson shade with fleur-de-lys details. – Lifestyle Trends

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