Music-Matching Smart Lights : Philips Hue and Spotify


Philips Hue and Spotify partnered to create what they call the “first-ever deep lighting and music experience” and it works by linking accounts from both brands. The experience makes it possible to sync smart lights with music, and beyond that, Philips Hue taps into the metadata of each song and uses an advanced lighting script to match the genre and mood of the song. This helps users to avoid seeing cheerful colors matched with slower, mellower songs, and vice versa.

With the Philips Hue app, there’s also a brand-new Sync tab that makes it easy to make adjustments to the brightness, intensity and color palette of the lights for a completely custom experience. Now available for early access Philips Hue App 4 users, the program is set to become a permanent app feature in the fall. – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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