Multimedia Vibrant Footwear : Vault by Vans 1


Vault by Vans recently joined forces with renowned multimedia artist Geoff McFetridge to launch a vibrant series of apparel and footwear. The capsule — which features five re-imagined Vans shoes including the OG Slip-On LX, the OG Style 38 NS, and the OG Lampin LX as well as apparel such as hoodies, sweats, hates, and totes — pays homage to McFetridge’s iconic “sensibility and eclectic approach.”

McFetridge commented on the inspiration behind the series, stating: “My thinking with projects like this is that they can be approached in the same way you might approach creating a piece of art. Both grow out of a similar process, and though the results are different, they feel like they are pulled from the same world.”

The Vault by Vans x Geoff McFetridge collection will be available December 2, 2021, at Vault by Vans retailers.

Image Credit: Vans – Style and Fashion Trends

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