Minimalist Professional Writing Utensils : ystudio STAT series


The ystudio STAT series writing utensils are an elegant lineup of desktop accessories for professionals that will provide them with a way to maintain their daily workflow in a way that’s both modern and minimalist.

The collection consists of two pens including the STAT-13 Classic Ballpoint and the STAT-09 Brassing Ballpoint Pen along with the STAT-10 Classic Sketching Pencil and the STAT-01 Mechanical Pencil. Each of the instruments are positioned as being an object beyond its basic function to provide professionals or students alike with a way to infuse a mindful tool into their workstation.

The ystudio STAT series writing utensils are constructed with high-quality components like brass to give them a weighted feel in the hand that will further enhance ease of use. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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