Minimal Maintenance Robot Vacuums : AIRROBO T10+


The AIRROBO T10+ robot vacuum is a powerful cleaning appliance for the modern home that will provide inhabitants with the ability to keep their space looking and feeling fresh without the need for constant manual cleaning.

The unit works by being set up in a space and will go to work with LiDAR technology to navigate the area as it creates a map to be used for layer cleanings. The vacuum is capable of creating up to 2,700Pa of suction power and is outfitted with 23 sensors to automatically avoid obstacles, which will also help with learning the most efficient way to clean the home.

The AIRROBO T10+ robot vacuum will return to its base after every cleaning and will empty itself with space for up to 45 days of debris to be stored before needing to be manually emptied by the user. – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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