Luxury Virtual Skiwear : Moncler x Fortnite


The Moncler x Fortnite collection introduces reactive skins to outfit players’ avatars inspired by the French skiwear brand. The looks from the Moncler Classic Set draw inspiration from the 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM collection and thanks to the fact that these designs are digital, they include a special feature for gamers—as the in-game altitude gets higher, players will see the digital outfits shift from light to dark colors.

The collab also introduces other digital designs inspired by real Moncler products, like Umbra-Tube Back Bling, Umbra-Axe Pickaxe and a Para-Pluie Glider. Moncler x Fortnite have also introduced a special loading screen that pays homage to the mountains and the brand’s origins.

Collaborations of this kind are becoming increasingly common as the metaverse extends to digital fashion and luxury collectibles. – Luxury Trends

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