Luxury Sporty Timepieces : The GUCCI 25H watch


The GUCCI 25H watch marks the brand’s centenary. The new timepiece boasts a sporty elegance. The watch encompasses the brand’s rich history with its forward-thinking technicality. Alessandro Michele, the fashion brand’s creative director, gave the watch its name after his favorite number, 25.

Consumers can shop through the watch’s four editions. Each interpretation of the watch incorporates elegance yet remains practical for everyday use. Ranging from cleanly classic to glitteringly garnished, each watch edition gleams in its own way.

The GUCCI 25H Automatic Steel is undercut with horizontal lines, creating visual depth with an engraved wave pattern. The GUCCI 25H Automatic Diamonds, on the other hand, is adorned with 82 brilliant-cut diamonds that circle the timepiece’s cushion shape.

Image Credit: Gucci – Luxury Trends

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