Luxurious Hotel-Equipped Trains : Belmond Royal Scotsman


Climbing aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman offers travelers the trip of a lifetime. The luxury train has elevated hotel features that provide guests with a relaxing way to experience Scotland. The Belmond Royal Scotsman, first launched in 1985, comes equipped with mahogany-clad interiors, lavish cabins, and opulent amenities like a built-in spa.

Fine dining and whiskey sipping are highlights of the travel experience. The Belmond Royal Scotsman is staffed by celebrated chef Tom Kitchin who prepares a Scottish breakfast, a three-course launch, and a four-course dinner for those onboard. Single-malt scotch or a beverage of the guest’s choice comes included in the Belmond Royal Scotsman’s travel package. For the full Scotland experience, guests are invited to several distillery tours and whiskey tastings.

Image Credit: Luxury Launches – Luxury Trends

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