Long-Wear Luxury Fragrances : ScentCapture Fragrance Extenders


Estée Lauder’s new line of luxury perfumes includes ScentCapture Fragrance Extenders for long-lasting scents. The luxury beauty brand’s latest collection comprises eight stock-keeping units. Dubbed the Estée Lauder Luxury Fragrance Collection, the series consists of bottles ranging from 40ml to 100ml sizes.

The brand’s first entry into the fine fragrance market began in 1953 with the Youth Dew scent. Its new collection boasts thoroughly modern fragrances. According to Estée Lauder, its proprietary SccentCapture Fragrance Extenders technology gives each fragrance 12-hour wear. Consumers are thus reassured that they will remain smelling fresh all day long. The brand utilized third-party neurosensory studies to create a modern collection, which states that fragrances can evoke positivity, joy, and calmness.

Image Credit: Estée Lauder

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