Lab-Grown Clothing Dyes : Lab grown dye


‘Colorifix,’ a science solutions startup, has discovered an efficient, sustainable method of creating lab-grown dye. Colorifix uses DNA programming on small microbe organisms to instruct them to produce certain types of pigmentation. This process results in natural clothing dye that is made more sustainably than traditional dyes. Additionally, Colorifix stated that it is capable of producing any color of dye that occurs in a natural organism.

To celebrate this scientific advancement, ‘Pangaia,’ the sustainable clothing company, has released a limited-edition line of lab-dyed pink and blue clothing. The pink and blue colors come from the lab-grown process instructed by the DNA within silk. On top of this, the dyeing process from Colorifix’s lab-grown dye is almost twice as quick as a traditional dye while also being cheaper than some of the more expensive dyes available.

Image Credit: Pangaia – Style and Fashion Trends

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