Insect-Proof Sleepwear : insect proof sleepwear


Founded by Naudia Salmon in 2019, ‘We Drifters’ has debuted a line of insect-proof sleepwear. The sleepwear set, titled ‘Anti-Insect Sleepwear,’ includes pants, socks, a long-sleeve shirt, and a pillowcase that doubles as a storage bag. The sleepwear set is built out of lightweight bamboo fabric that has been infused with an anti-insect treatment, creating a barrier that protects against 90% of bugs.

Naudia Salmon found that when they traveled to different countries and spent long periods of time outdoors, there were far too many bug bites. Additionally, Salmon did not enjoy using traditional bug spray because of the smell, stickiness, and hassle of having to reapply. We Drifters Anti-Insect Sleepwear is the solution to all of these problems, making it a great product for campers and travelers alike.

We Drifters is also committed to aiding in the fight against insect-born diseases, so $2 from each sale on its website will be donated to help end malaria.

Image Credit: We Drifters – Lifestyle Trends

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