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‘Iguana Yachts’ has improved upon some of its most innovative yacht designs with the ‘Iguana X100 White Edition.’ This yacht provides practical all-terrain support with its amphibious RIB, while the motor clocks at 2x300HP with a speed of up to 56 knots, meaning this yacht has the power for most nautical activities.

The technological innovation on this yacht is evident in three major areas. Firstly, the Iguana Mobility System (IMS) allows the X100 to travel safely at 7km/h even when traveling up a slope on a 40% incline. The IMS provides riders with ensured disembark and embarkation safety in waves of up to 1.2 meters.

Secondly, the performance of the Iguana X100 reaches new heights through its innovative design. The use of carbon fiber and intricate designs allow the X100 to be as seaworthy and fast as traditional boats of the same size. Lastly, the technological advancement in the X100 is stellar. The X100 features several technological advancements and top-quality service packaged in an elegant, French luxury hull.

The hull of the Iguana X100 White Edition utilizes the sleek design of the X100 and a French design, colored in a monochrome of white and cream colors for a refined style.

Image Credit: Iguana Yachts – Luxury Trends

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