Hybrid Office Layouts : Hubs of Togetherness


BuzziSpace unveiled its Hubs of Togetherness theme as a solution for hybrid office spaces. As the workspace’s landscape is ever-changing, the brand envisioned a thoughtful and human-centric design to create a productive workplace environment.

The launch includes BuzziCee, a playful acoustic seating design. It also features a new privacy booth dubbed the BuzziHug. The BuzziNest, on the other hand, is a collection of acoustic booths and pods for solo or group work. For more serious work, the brand created the BuzziNordic, a Scandinavian-inspired table. The collection is complete with a BuzziProp Beam, a sound-mitigating table accent. Overall, the launch aims to create a space of collaborative work while respecting independent projects in a noise-reduced environment.

Image Credit: BuzziSpace

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