How to Switch Instagram Accounts on Computer: It’s Easy & Free!

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Want to switch Instagram accounts on your computer?

Perhaps you’ve linked several accounts on your app, and you’re wondering where they are when you login on desktop.

No worries! It’s easy to manage multiple IG accounts on PC or Mac.

You don’t have to set up separate Chrome profiles – though we’ll cover that too.

You don’t need separate logins on different browsers.

You don’t need a third-party tool.

You can manage up to 5 IG accounts in one browser!

And I’ll also show you how to manage more than 5 without logging in and out.

Read on.

How to add multiple Instagram accounts on computer

First things first – whether you’ve already linked multiple Instagram accounts on mobile or not, you’ve got to add them on desktop.

Note: When adding accounts, you may be logged out of the first account. Be sure you have access to your login info and the device where you can receive a security code, or have backup codes handy.

1 | Go to on a browser and log into an account.

2 | Click on your profile picture at top right and choose Switch Accounts from the dropdown menu.

screenshot shows Switch Accounts in the dropdown menu from Instagram in browser.

3 | Unless you see the account you want to switch to, choose Log Into Existing Account. The accounts I linked in the app on my iPhone didn’t show here – yet.

screenshot shows where to log into existing Instagram account on computer.

4 | Enter the login info for the account you want to add.

Check the box next to Save login info if you wish. Then click the blue Log In button.

If you don’t know your password, click Forgot Password? Remember that you’ll need the new password to get back into this account on any other devices, so make a note of it.

screenshot shows where to enter login info for existing IG account.

5 | You’ll be instantly logged into the account you added. I stayed on the same page (my personal account profile) but could see my business account’s Instagram profile picture in the upper right corner, meaning I was now logged in as this one.

screenshot shows how profile picture indicates which Instagram account you're logged into.

How to switch Instagram accounts on computer

Once you’ve added at least one additional account via your browser, when you’re on the home feed you’ll see the account you’re logged into on the right side, with a blue link to Switch.

Click it to access the Switch Accounts popup.

screenshot shows where to switch Instagram accounts on computer.

Then click the account you want to switch to, or choose to add another account via the link at the bottom of the popup.

screenshot shows switch accounts popup on mac.

As I tried to switch back to my first account, I had to receive and enter a security code. Just a heads up that this may happen to you after adding another account!

screenshot shows where to enter security code to log back into first account.

As an option to clicking the Switch link in the home feed sidebar, you can also click Switch Accounts from the dropdown menu we used to add an account.

screenshot shows Switch Accounts in the dropdown menu from Instagram in browser.

How can I manage more than 5 Instagram accounts?

There’s limit of 5 linked Instagram accounts, whether on a mobile device or computer.

But the computer has a big advantage!

If you manage more than 5 accounts, you can create a group of linked accounts on each of several different browsers. Then just switch browsers to access another group.

Or, you can set up as many profiles as you need in Chrome, and add up to 5 linked accounts to each. Again, switching is as easy as a couple clicks.

Details below.

Adding multiple Instagram accounts in Chrome

If you’re a Google Chrome user, there’s an easy way to have multiple groups of multiple accounts: People. And it’s free!

Or, you can use this to manage several IG accounts that you don’t want to link, in one browser (as long as the browser is Chrome 😉 ).

1 | Before you start, you might want to think about how many separate accounts, or groups of up to 5 accounts, you’ll need, and how to name them, so you know which group is which.

Let’s say you have an Insta account for each of your pets: 4 dogs, 3 horses, and 5 chickens. So you might decide to create 3 groups named: My Dogs. My Horses. My Chickens.

Or group your businesses or clients in a similar fashion 😉

2 | In the top corner of your Chrome browser, there’s a picture or icon of you. This represents your account.

Tap on this and some options appear for your account settings.

3 | At the bottom is Other People. If anyone else has a login saved on your Chrome, their picture will appear here.

At the bottom, there are two options: Guest and Add.

how to add people to chrome browser screenshot

4 | Click the Add button and a screen opens.

Give the “person” a name. If you have more than one business that you don’t want linked, you can create a separate “person” named for each business. Or add a “person” named Clients to group several accounts you manage for others. Or however you decided to group the accounts you manage.

You can give the “person” an icon to help you spot which one is which.

adding a person in chrome with icon screenshot

5 | A new window will open as if you had never used Chrome before.

Now log into the Instagram account you want to be the basis for this separate “person.”

Chrome will ask you if you want to save the password – click Yes but don’t sync with other profiles.

Now to get into this other IG account without logging in and out, click your picture on Chrome and select the “person” you just made.

instagram account switching with chrome people screenshot

6 | In the one IG account you added to this “person,” you can add up to 4 more accounts so you can easily switch back and forth between multiple groups. Perfect for managing client accounts!

How to unlink an Instagram account

Accounts linked on the computer must be removed on the computer. If they were also linked on your mobile device, then you’ll need to remove them in the mobile app as well.

You can find all the details, with screenshots, here:

How to Remove an Instagram Account.


Now you know how to manage multiple Instagram accounts on desktop or laptop, PC or Mac!

Free, easy, fast solutions, even if you have more than 5 to deal with.

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