High-Powered Electric SUVs : Gateway Bronco


Ford Bronco restoration company Gateway Ford has released a high-performance, electric version of the iconic SUV, which it is calling the ‘Luxe-GT Electric Classic Ford Bronco.’

Not your standard electric car, this vehicle boasts a powerful 220 kW motor capable of taking it from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. Moreover, a single charge can take drivers up to distances of over 300 miles. Other features of the ‘Luxe-GT’ include 18″ sport wheels with 33″ Toyo Tires, JRi Shocks, Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes. In addition, drivers can expect the car to be equipped with all of the latest amenities such as a Focal audio system, power windows, air conditioning, a rear camera, and more.

Aesthetically speaking, this Bronco drips with high-end luxury elements such including wood finishes (bed, tailgate, quarter panels), a Porsche leather interior, and a stunning teal paint job.

Image Credit: Gateway Bronco

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