High-End Electric Sports Cars : electric ford GT40


Everatti, a UK-based electric conversion company has partnered with American sports car maker Superperformance to release the first-ever electric Ford GT40. This sleek revision of the iconic racecar, which was first released in 1964, showcases the power of eco-friendly design.

The designers of the car set out to maintain all the driving characteristics of the original model (horsepower, weight distribution, handling, etc.) while ensuring it would run entirely on electricity. The result? The Ford GT40 is equipped with an unbelievably powerful electric motor. The ‘700V EV Powertrain System’ is capable of taking the car from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds, delivering a whopping 800 BHP/800 Nm of torque. This revised model also comes with ‘Direct DC Fast Charging’ for speedy recharges.

Certainly, the electric Ford GT40 and its powerful engine should silence those doubting the potential of eco-friendly car design.

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