Germ-Killing Gadget Stations : Accell Power UV Sanitizer


Silicon Valley-based technology company Accell has launched the ‘Accell Power UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging,’ an innovative device that offers customers a quick and efficient way to sterilize their frequently used items. The device comes in the form of a pod-like station in which users can place their items — phones, watches, jewelry, keys, etc. — into for light-powered disinfection.

Equipped with a powerful UVC light, the ‘Acell Power UV Sanitizer’ will kill 99.9% of common germs and bacteria, including those belonging to the COVID-19 virus. No doubt, that makes this an incredibly timely launch for the device considering cases of COVID-19 are once again surging across the world.

In addition to functioning as an at-home station for gadget sterilization, the device doubles as a handy wireless charger, supporting any Qi-enabled iPhone/Android devices at up to 15W.

Image Credit: Accell Power – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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