Geometric Pastel-Colored Carpets : Loggia Multi-colored


The Loggia Multi-Colored Carpet series by Talk Carpet adds a dynamic focal point to the room. Talk Carpet unveiled its latest flooring design with inspiration from world travel. Specifically, the Loggial Multi-Colored flooring pattern is informed by a 15th-century Italian mural.

The Talk Carper team explored Italy in search of new inspiration. They were excited when they stumbled upon a Renaissance building from 1476, Verona’s Loggia del Consiglio. The building’s facade was covered in a series of expansive patterned squares spreading like a grid across the wall. At that moment, the team decided to translate the pattern before them into a dynamic geometric carpet with muted tones of yellow, khaki green, mind green, and red.

Image Credit: Talk Carpet – Modern Art and Design Trends

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