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The Baxters Super Good Sliced Beetroot Black Pepper & Fennel is being launched by the brand as an addition to its existing range of jarred beetroot products that will provide consumers with a flavorful option to try out.

The product comes as the first flavored variety that is achieved using sliced beetroot that has been pickled in apple cider vinegar with added black peppercorns and fennel seeds. The product is being launched in the UK at Sainsbury’s locations at a price point of £1.60 per jar.

Innovation Chef Darren Sivewright spoke on the new Baxters Super Good Sliced Beetroot Black Pepper & Fennel saying, “As the nation’s favourite beetroot brand, we’ve wanted to develop a flavoured variety packed with goodness for quite a while. We’ve taken our time trying different flavours, methods and ingredients until we found the perfect combination. We’re really proud to introduce our Sliced Black Pepper and Fennel Beetroot and hope our customers enjoy it as much as we do.”

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