Flavorful Plant-Based Chicken Alternatives : Planterra Foods Ozo


Planterra Foods Ozo has announce two new products for the US market that will provide consumers with a way to incorporate familiar flavors and textures into their diet in a plant-based way. The product is meant to mimic the taste and texture of chicken, but maintains a recipe that is packed with more protein, more fiber and even less fat than meat. The product comes in four flavor options including Sea Salt & Pepper Cutlet, Garlic & Herb Cutlet, Rotisserie-Style Shreds and BBQ Shreds.

Planterra Foods CEO Darcey Macken spoke on the new products saying, “As time goes on, the demand for protein will only continue to increase and the world won’t be able to satisfy that demand with meat-based products alone. With chicken being the most popular protein in the United States, it was clear we needed to create a plant-based option where people don’t have to sacrifice this mealtime favourite and have a more sustainable option.”

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