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Planet Fitness’ Fictional “Fitfluencer” Parodies Phony Influencers

Xrystal (pronounced “Crystal”) is the name of the vlogger and “fitfluencer” created by Planet Fitness that parodies popular influencers who provide poor health advice. To emphasize the fact that anyone can now create and grow a social media following but not everyone is an expert in their niche, Planet Fitness created “Xrystal with an X,” a self-proclaimed fitness goddess who offers nothing but awful health advice.

Some of the absurd advice offered by Planet Fitness’ fictional fitfluencer to her fans include eating only the peels of bananas or selling their vehicles and instead, sprinting everywhere. According to Planet Fitness, one out of every four fitness influencers on TikTok are sharing inaccurate workout advice, and this campaign aims to align people with the expertise offered at its gyms. – Social Media Trends

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