Fiber-Rich Cereal Snack Bars : Alpen Oat Blends


Nutritionally focused snacks are quickly gaining increased popularity amongst consumer with a penchant for convenience and flavor, which is exactly what the Alpen Oat Blends cereal bars are here to help offer. The snack bars are crafted with a blend of oats, nuts and fruits with a caramel center along with a topping of crunchy nuts or nibs. The snacks come in three flavor options including Dark Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel and Cocoa & Peanut.

Alpen’s Head of Brand Helena Blincow spoke on the new Alpen Oat Blends cereal bars saying, “The current cereal bar landscape aims to meet a number of needs along a spectrum from healthy to tasty, but many of the latter fall short on consumers’ health expectations. With more people than ever looking for both tasty and wholesome foods and not wanting to compromise on health, there is a clear opportunity to deliver products that meet these needs and drive real choice and excitement in the category, which is why we’ve launched Alpen Oat Blends.” – Lifestyle Trends

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