Fashion Magazine NFTs : Vogue Singapore


Fashion magazine Vogue Singapore has announced the launch of a new series of NFTs that will come in the form of digital “mystery boxes” sold on Binance, a popular NFT marketplace.

The series of digital-only boxes were created in collaboration with NFKings Productions and Brytehall, a curated platform for digital fashion. According to the company, each mystery box will feature images of sunrises in 10 cities from around the world including Milan, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and Hong Kong. Those who collect all 10 boxes will be given access to an 11th mystery box that features a sunrise in Singapore, as well as an exclusive link to RARA, another decentralized marketplace powered by Binance Smart Chain technology.

This recent announcement reflects the brand’s broader embrace of digital fashion and the burgeoning space of NFT art. “This is a step towards a long-term strategy to bridge the crypto and gaming communities with digital investors, curious tech-savvy consumers, and luxury brands,” said Michael von Schlippe, the president of Media Publishers (the company that publishes Vogue).

Image Credit: Shutterstock – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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