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Florasis’s ‘Impression of Dai’ is a collection inspired by Eastern beauty and the Dai people’s “ancient traditions and… their spiritual symbol of beauty, good fortune, and confidence: the peacock.”

Florasis “traveled to Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province to create this new edition series to learn about the Dai people” and worked “with traditional Chinese craft master Yuan Changjun to create stylish keepsake packaging.”

The collection contains the ‘Floral Engraving Forest Aura Makeup Pallet,’ ‘Luozidai Floral Eyebrow Define Powder Pencil,’ ‘Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick,’ and ‘Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder.’ Each piece is beautifully and artistically designed with detailed engravings of floral and peacock elements.

The limited-edition ‘Impression of Dai’ collection is available on the Florasis website.

Image Credit: Florasis

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