Electric Car-Themed Playlists : #ElectricWrapped


Volkswagen Canada recently debuted its own version of Spotify Wrapped dubbed #ElectricWrapped, a playlist plugging its commitment to an electric future. The innovative marketing scheme is being debuted with a campaign called ‘A Year in Electric’ and features songs related to electric power. The genres range from hip-hop and pop to heavy metal and country.

Over the past year, the music fans in charge of Volkswagen’s Spotify account have listened to nothing but songs related to electricity, green energy, the environment, etc. That generated a ‘Spotify Wrapped’ playlist demonstrating its belief in an all-electric future, highlighted by songs like Drake’s ‘Charged Up,’ Katy Perry’s ‘Electric,’ and AC/DC’s ‘High Voltage.’

“It’s always fantastic when a brand can put their mission into action. Volkswagen’s commitment to carbon net neutrality is more than just a statement,” said Alexis Bronstorph, Co-Chief Creative Officer, TAXI. “We can bring this to life in really fun ways, like getting in on something we all love to share—Spotify Wrapped.”

Volkswagen is sharing the playlist on its Spotify channel and across its various social channels.

Image Credit: Volkswagen Canada

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